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Distribber charges a one-time fee for store placement; the only backend fee is a $15 royalty payment charge. You keep 100% of your revenues. If iTunes declines your film, we'll refund your money minus $120 for processing.

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For iTunes and Netflix, allow 30 days for the stores to review your submission. For Amazon, continue straight to step 6.

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The encoding and QC processes will take (on average) 90 days for your film to go live.

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Sales reports from iTunes are available in your dashboard, other stats by each platform are available upon request.

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You keep 100% of your money. Distribber pays you at least every three months either by check, PayPal, or direct deposit.

Distribber helps us see how our film performs day by day on some of
the biggest platforms!

- James Colquhoun


As independent filmmakers, we had trouble getting our foot in the door with distribution outlets like iTunes. We whole-heartedly recommend Distribber.

- Kimberly & Foster Gamble,