What's Distribber?

Distribber is an aggregator for iTunes, Hulu, Amazon, VuDu, Netflix, Cable VOD and much more. As an aggregator we work to receive, repair, conform, package, and deliver your film to the outlets you have chosen. Distribber allows filmmakers to keep 100% of all profits generated, which effectively removes any middlemen from taking undeserving revenue. Once your film is packaged, Distribber will deliver all assets into our partner portals to go live. Filmmakers have complete control over release dates, updates, removals, the list goes on. Get started today by clicking the Submit Now button.



Where can my film be placed for sale?

You may select two initial territories with your submission (default: US and Canada).

With Distribber your film can be released in stores in the following territories:

iTunes and Google Play: Basic package includes US & Canada. 100+ additional territories available upon request. Additional fees may apply.
Netflix Watch Instantly: Worldwide and Domestic availability, per licensing agreement.
Amazon VOD: Initial order includes US. UK, Germany ( +Austria) and Japan are available upon request. Additional rates may apply.
Hulu: US only
VuDu: US only
Sony PSN and Microsoft Xbox: Initial order includes US and Canada. Worldwide with over 40 territories available. Additional rates may apply.
Cable/Satellite/Telco VOD services: US only

We're continuing to expand the platforms available to our clients. Please contact us for more details!


How can I track my sales?
Distribber Reporting

Distribber has the ability to report your iTunes and Amazon revenue. Above you can see our BETA version reporting system, we are always working to improve this and feedback is always welcome. We update these reports quarterly, but you will have 24/7 access to revenue reports upon request. You can also request the latest reports at anytime during the month from your assigned account manager via email. This is very helpful if you are running a marketing campaign and would like to view your latest stats to insure your campaign is working.

Our new platform "CineVolt" allows you to track live sales stats and view the engagement of your audience. As seen above, when you sell with CineVolt you get very important data that has never been offered to filmmakers before. Tracking your audience engagement can substantially increase your filmmaking skills by showing you where users lose interest in the film, or where filmmakers stay interested.


What does it cost me?

We are constantly enhancing our service so we can serve more and more filmmakers for less and less money. With that said, for the most up to date platform options, pricing and awesome package deals submit your info here


If you are delivering just one standard definition (SD) film to iTunes, there is a one-time charge of $1,560, which covers all the encoding, chapter breaking, tagging, and general caretaking that we’ll do to usher your film to full iTunes compliance and placement in the iTunes store.

For high definition (HD) delivery, the charge is $1,595.

For short film delivery, the charge is $895.

The first year’s service fee is included in the submission fee. After that, there is a flat annual fee of $225 per film.

CineVolt Initial submission fee for CineVolt is $5.00. (Bandwidth charged at $0.33/GB).CineVolt allows you to sell directly to fans and keep 100% of all revenue for $0.33/GB per month. We recommend this platform for those looking to quickly sell their film while retaining all rights and revenue.


The submission cost for Hulu is $995. If you are also submitting to iTunes, placement on Hulu will cost $959.

Short film delivery charge is $595.

Amazon VOD:

The submission fee for Amazon VOD is $1,175. This also includes our 24/7 ticket support and reporting. Discount: $450 when purchased with iTunes.

Short film delivery charge is $450.

Google Play:

The submission fee for Google Play is $1,395.

Netflix Watch Instantly:

Placement on Netflix Watch Instantly costs $950 for SD and HD. The fee includes negotiating a streaming license for your film, 24/7 ticket support, and handling delivery of your film.

Short film delivery charge is $850.

Cable VOD (Cable/Satellite/Telco VOD):

Submission is $5,000. Note: If you move forward, you will need a good sense of the existing demand for your film. This deal works best for rights holders who have had previous success with a title on VOD with content of a similar style/quality for a similar audience, and want to retain more of the upside.

If you have multiple films, contact us for discount info.


There are no charges for the shipping to the encoding house and back to our office. However, if the files fail the Q/C and a new asset is needed, the filmmaker will be charged for shipping the asset back to the appropriate party, in case a prepaid FedEx number has not been provided. This amount can be paid via our custom invoice link.

What am I paying for?

Getting content into popular marketplaces is a rigorous and time intensive process. Our upfront submission fee covers file ingestion, review, encoding, quality control (Q/C), delivery, general accounting, 24/7 ticket support (Clients Only) and quarterly reporting.

Then after the first year, we charge $225 per year for each film and $375 per year for each television series. Think of Distribber as a management service. You pay us, and then we manage your account while you receive 100% of your revenue.

How and when do I get my money?

ITunes and Amazon generally send your sales information and money within 90 days after the end of the month in which the sale took place. Distribber offers 24-hour access to your sales stats. No more waiting on old-model distributors for reports!

Just log in to your account to see the latest sales that have been reported to us by the stores. We disburse funds within 90 days after the close of the quarter in which the payments were received. You may choose to receive your funds via PayPal (it’s fast!) or the good old-fashioned check.

What's my split with iTunes?

70/30 for EST sales (purchase) and 60/40 for VOD sales (rental) . For instance, on a $9.99 sale, Distribber pays you $7.00. We give you 100% of what we collect from iTunes.

What's my split with Hulu?

Hulu collects advertising revenue based on the number of ads viewed while watching your movie, then pays you 50% of what they collect.

What’s my split with Amazon VOD?

50/50. Again, we give you 100% of what we collect.

What’s my split with Netflix Watch Instantly?

Unlike iTunes and Amazon VOD, Netflix’s Watch Instantly service does not pay “per turn.” Instead, they pay a license fee for your film’s Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) rights — usually for one or two years. So, Netflix can stream your film to their subscribers as often as they wish during the term of your agreement, in exchange for the license fee Netflix pays for that term.

What’s my split with Cable/Satellite/Telco?

Each outlet cuts its own deal, so splits vary from cable operator to cable operator. Also, the elements of each film sometimes dictate better terms. As an average, you’ll see close to 50%.


In order to begin the process for your show, you will need to submit at least one complete season ( minimum of 3 episodes).


Distribber is now an iTunes aggregator for feature films and TV Shows. Simply put, if you have a TV Show and you want to track your sales and keep 100% of your revenue then you're in the right place. Submission fee is $699 per episode.


Distribber is now an official Hulu distributor and aggregator handling TV Show content. We are currently working on getting sales reporting from Hulu to display on our reporting tool. Submission fee is $565 per episode.


We are now delivering TV shows to Netflix. Submission fee is $850 per episode.


Distribber is now an official Amazon / Amazon Prime distributor and aggregator for high quality TV and Film content. Amazon has given Distribber a unique partner portal aside from Create Space. This allows Distribber to aggregate HD content directly to Amazon and allows the filmmaker to add Amazon Prime at no additional cost.


The feature, trailer, artwork/poster and the Closed Captions file.

Are closed captions required for delivery to iTunes?

Yes. For acceptance into the US iTunes store, you must include a closed captions file in the .scc file format. Distribber now offers 100% guaranteed iTunes and FCC approved Closed Caption Services, see below.

Can I be exempt from creating a Closed Caption file?

No. iTunes and a growing number of platforms are utilizing the FCC regulations as a jumping off point. The iTunes store has implemented its own rules independent of the FCC and providing Closed Captioning is the requirement for content providers to maintain active status on the iTunes storefront. They are not honoring exemptions to the regulation. If you are in need of Closed Captions a.s.a.p., see below.

What format must my files be in order to be delivered to iTunes, Amazon and Google Play?

The feature and trailer must be in ProRes 422 HQ format and can be uploaded with the rest of the assets through Distribber Connect, by clicking on Film/Show assets>Upload assets on your dashboard. You can also send us your files on a hard drive.

See below the technical specs for SD and HD submissions:

  • Features / Trailers / TV Episodes
    • Video
      • HD
      • Apple ProRes 422 HQ
      • QuickTime .mov
      • 1920x1080
      • 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 fps
      • SD
      • Apple ProRes 422 HQ
      • QuickTime .mov
      • 720x480 or 720x486 (NTSC) 720x576 (PAL)
      • 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 fps
    • Audio
      • 16 or 24-Bit depth 
      • 8CH (5.1 + Stereo) or 2CH Stereo
        • 5.1 Surround audio (if available) - L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs
        • 2.0 Stereo - Left Total, Right Total
  • Closed Captioning or Subtitle(s)
    • closed captioning - .scc or .cap
    • subtitles - .itt, .stl, or .srt
  • Artwork
    • 2000 x 3000 pi @ 75 dpi
    • Layered .psd (art and title treatment/text) or .jpg
      • No credit blocks, company logos, festival laurels, URLs, release dates, or any other promotional material.


Does my film get accepted automatically?

Our track record is extremely good for getting film and TV content onto iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. As long as your files meet their technical specs (it is our job to make sure they do), we will get your film or show live on these platforms. We have great relationships with all the platforms, but some are pickier than others. If you are submitting to Netflix, Hulu or Cable VOD, start by submitting your film’s information in the form on the Distribber homepage (you get your money back within 14-45 days if your film is not acquired, minus a $120 processing fee), and we’ll let you know within 3-8 weeks if your film has been acquired or not. Once your film is accepted, you can begin the deliverables process.

How is my film priced?

iTunes pricing is based on date completed (new release vs. library) and whether your film is in HD or SD. There are pricing tiers for each platform, and you may choose which you think gives your film its best chance. It is recommended that you choose the final prices before your film goes live. You may change price tiers or any other information after your film has gone live, but after the delivery there is a $100 fee for the metadata change.

Amazon allows you to set your own retail prices.

Netflix Watch Instantly is a subscription service, which is why there is no pricing for individual films.

Cable/Satellite/Telco VOD pricing is set by the operator.

What are the acceptance guidelines?


While there are some rare exceptions, your film must:

  • Be no racier than an MPAA R rating (if you don’t have an actual rating, you know what an R means)
  • Be available on a high-resolution master (like DigiBeta) or as a Pro Res 422 HQ file (SD can be transferred via FTP).
  • Have a trailer in the same aspect ratio as your master
  • Have poster art available as a .jpeg or .tiff file without a credit block, URL, or pricing info on it
  • Have some bragging rights (e.g. festival selection, awards, stars, name producers/directors, good reviews, timely subject matter)

Your film must NOT

  • Be pornographic
  • Be waiting to clear any licenses (music or any other)
  • Be a home movie
  • Be an instructional video


To receive an offer from Netflix for their Watch Instantly service, your film is pitched once a month to their acquisition team for consideration. Netflix will review all the metadata sent together with the trailer and the online screener of your film or show, and if they are interested in your title, they will let us know.

Do you take short films?

Yes! We can now deliver short films to iTunes, Hulu, and Amazon. Just choose "Short Film" during the submission process and we can help get your film live on those platforms.

How long does it take for a film to go live in the iTunes store once paid for?

On average it takes about 4-8 weeks, if you have absolutely no Q/C issues. Most of the times the issues occur with the encoders, during the Q/C process. Once iTunes has your approved materials, the process moves very quickly. Please remember, this is an average time frame for a delivery; each submission is unique.

If your asset is rejected from the QC process, you will have up to 90 days to respond to your Project Manager and resolve the issues. After this time, all rejected files will be deleted, and a replacement will be required before the title can move forward.

How do I make changes to a film once I have paid for it?

Unfortunately there is no easy way to make changes to a film once it has been delivered. We distribute your film immediately to the iTunes encoders for delivery and therefore cannot make changes to the delivered film.
So, be very careful and make sure that your footage is final and ready for submission.

How do I take down a film that has already been paid for?

Once your film is live and you want to remove it from the platform, we will process a takedown for you. The takedown fee is $200 per platform.

Do foreign clients need a US tax identification number?

Yes. In case the foreign client's intended market is the US market, they will need a US tax identification number. To obtain it, they need to fill out and submit the form W-7 from the official IRS (Internal Revenue Service) website Note, that in case the client wants to have their project on iTunes in their home country, no US tax identification number is required.


Will you be offering access to other platforms, like PlayStation, Xbox, etc.?

Yes! We are in discussions to add several more outlets soon. You will be able to submit your film to additional stores for an additional fee.
Get your film distributed to VuDu and BestBuy shortly! We are very close to adding these new platforms. VuDu is on Xbox; we are excited to get your films to a new marketplace!


Will you do anything to help market my movie?

Officially, we say no, but in reality:
We always discuss promotional strategies with the platform you are placed on. We push for prominent placement on the iTunes Independent Film and Documentaries homepages, and to tie-in with other iTunes properties (film and music) when relevant. We work with Hulu to help determine best placement. We work with MSOs to pick favorable release dates and other opportunities. And of course we promote clients’ films through our social media networks and our mailing list.


Do you offer any other services?

Yes. We offer 100% guaranteed iTunes and FCC approved Closed Caption Services for short films, feature films, and TV shows.


Do you have any social media accounts?

Yes. We have a Facebook page, which is, and a Twitter page, which is